Dalat Railway Station is the oldest railway station in Vietnam and is recognized as a national architectural monument. Looking down from above, Da Lat Railway Station looks like the majestic Langbiang mountain. But the architecture is almost similar to other stations in France. Currently, Dalat Railway Station is no longer used for transportation as before and changed to tourism activities for tourists to visit this ancient architecture.

nha ga da lat luu dau nhieu hoai niem

The way to Dalat Railway Station

This place is so famous on the check-in map of the Da Lat tourist association. So just open up Google Maps and get there easily. From the city center, you can run along Ho Xuan Huong street towards Lam Vien Square. Then go straight on Yersin Street for about 2km up a small slope around the pine forest to see the station on the right.

In 1972, this legendary railway had to stop all operations because of the war situation. After that, people also removed valuable pieces of rare serrated rail to sell scrap. Steam carriages of that time were also sold to foreigners. Just like that, from a railway nearly 100km long, now only a short part of operation remains. That is the section from Da Lat Railway Station to Trai Mat today.

With elements of art and historical significance, Da Lat Railway Station is considered the oldest and most beautiful station left in Vietnam and even Southeast Asia. This station is built in the style of modern Western architecture. Prominent with the front are three stylized roof pyramids from the image of the three highest peaks of Lang Biang. And the unique image of a communal roof in the Central Highlands. In the middle roof there is a clock, below the design of colorful glass windows and the soft curves of the eaves.

Da Lat Railway Station: The most beautiful old station in Vietnam.
Da Lat Railway Station: The most beautiful old station in Vietnam.

Unique with the architecture of Dalat Railway Station

With a bright yellow paint and a reasonable length, width, and height ratio, Da Lat Station looks just as beautiful as other stations abroad. This is a great architectural work and was recognized as a national monument in December 2001. Until now, the ancient features of the combination of the West and the West are still preserved.

The main booth of Da Lat Railway Station is now displaying many rare and precious antique products. In the decks appeared a super cute little cafe. The carriages, train compartments or railway tracks are still intact with the nostalgia and color of time.

Currently, the station owns many outstanding records and is considered a great pride of the people of this city. For example: The station has the only steam locomotive in Vietnam The most beautiful station, the tallest station, the oldest station, the station with the most unique architecture, ….

Steam locomotives and cog railways are left over from the past, now exposed to the sun and rain over the years. And has accidentally become an extremely famous virtual live background in the foggy city.

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Go to Da Lat Station to experience Trai Mat scenic train ride

Coming to Da Lat Station, almost everyone spends 5k to buy a ticket to visit with the main purpose is to take pictures in virtual life for “equal to friends”. However, few people noticed the remaining electric locomotive-drawn carriages. Still used daily to take tourists on sightseeing trips from the central station to Trai Mat area.

To experience this exciting activity, you just go into the station area and buy tickets to visit. Every day, there are 5 departures with the ticket price of 80k/way and 150k as a return ticket. However, there must be enough 20 guests or more for the train to run. Everyone remember to contact in advance to see if the train is full on the date and time frame you want to go!

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How to get to Trai Mat

According to reviews from friends who have experienced it, on average, each trip from Da Lat Station to Trai Mat Station takes 7km (25 minutes). Each car has a capacity of about 64 guests with relatively new furniture, beautiful windows, and comfortable seats. The train moves quite slowly for everyone to enjoy sightseeing and taking pictures. However, there is a minus point is that the locomotive is old, so it is a bit noisy compared to a normal train ride. Because of the short distance, there will be no food service or private toilet on the train.

Each round trip will take a total of 1 and a half hours. Because the train will stop at Trai Mat Station for those who want to visit Linh Phuoc Pagoda (Ve Chai Pagoda) and the famous hydrangea garden. In particular, if visitors go around early November, they will have the opportunity to admire the rows of bright yellow wild sunflowers on both sides of the road.

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Da Lat Station is not only a famous tourist destination of the foggy city but also the pride of Da Lat people. If you have the opportunity to come to this foggy city, you should visit the station with the only steam locomotive in Vietnam!